SIP Project

My student innovation project is called DeepLens Weapon Tracker. My project is an easy to use, modified software that takes the video images from the DeepLens camera and recognizes if a Firearm is in view of the camera frame.

The physical camera that I decided to use is called an AWS DeepLens camera. This device came out in 2019 and allows the user to work with Amazons AI learning systems. The primary change that was made to the code behind the software, was the file system that determines what the program is able to recognize. By adding this large photo album of different weapons with various attachments, I was able to create my DeepLens Weapon Tracker.

As you can see the red bar on the left on the screen indicates that there is no gun present.

I was able to hold my DeepLens in front of different pictures of firearms and the green bar on the left indicates that there is a weapon in frame.